Advanced ATM Monitoring.

Control your ATM fleet and reduce incident resolution time

At Daxyno, we design, build and run an innovative solution dedicated to banks for managing their ATM fleet with efficiency. Our solution includes the following components:

ATM Management

Follow easily our ATM availibility by getting live statuts update via XFS events. Get a detailed overview of ATM in an unique view: device status, transaction, last events, etc. Tag also particlar ATMs to put it a dedicated watch list for special purpose.

Incident Management

Get incident tickets automatically generated and dispatched to the right partner when an ATM goes down. Define your own ticketing process and track any SLA violation. Comment each incident to identify reoccuring issues and recognize them proctively.


Evaluate your ATM fleet performance in real-time with user friendly customizable dashboard. Follow your key performance indicators and take informed decisions based on greater insights. Get instant overview at any level (bank/region/branch) on any devices.

Behavioural and Data Analysis

Combine behavioural analitics and artificial intelligence to identify any anormal change on ATM and take preventive decisions, either for maintenance or security reasons. Define also your own transaction thresholds to get notified in real-time.

Security & Administration

Manage roles and access rights of the different users (bank employes and externals). Segregate data between different regions/branches and manage each branch contact details individually.

Logs & Reports

Because your data belongs to you, download any report for your own usage (as ATM event inspection, user activity, etc.). Retrieve also raw log files which can be used as audit records (PCI).

Displaying the Result

We provide best-of-the-art visualizations to quickly draw attention to the key indicators. By presenting data visually we also make possible to uncover surprising patterns and observations that wouldn't be apparent from looking at stats alone.

Comprehensive view of all your statistics

Daxyno provides a real-time overview of the metrics needed to analyze and improve your ATM global availibility.

Rather than having to dig through dozens of emails for important information, it’s all automatically organized and presented in one central dashboard: Global ATM availibity, Incidents per day, Transaction type repartition, Device Fault, ATM most incident, Incident per user, etc.

Proactive issue dicovery

Reduce the average time of incident isolation thanks to an advanced filter selection system updated in real-time. Get a list of ATMs of your fleet (or incidents). Directly organize the ATMs by status, Weelky availibility, Manufacturer, etc. Some filters can be applied to select only the ATMs you want to see in the list.

Directly get details about an ATM

Save a lot of time by getting access to the right level of information:

- ATM basic info

- component status

- Open incidents and assignee

- Activity (number of withdrawals, etc.)

- Comments

- etc.

Predictive maintenance

Anticipate the future and predict when, where and why failures are likely to occur in your fleet.

In the long term, these optimisations help you to increase ATM availability and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Awesome features

We provide a lot of features that help you to be more productive (advanced search, devices status timeline, notifications, etc).

Available on all devices

Any Where, Any Time, Any Device.

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