Cash Management.

Get the right balance between customer satisfaction and cash availibility

At Daxyno, we design, build and run an innovative solution dedicated to banks for managing their ATM fleet with efficiency. Our solution includes the following components:

Cash Management

Anticipate and schedule efficiently cash management operations before ATM goes out of cash. Synchronize operations for multiple ATM at branches to mutualize the cash replenishment costs.

Behavioural and Data Analysis

Get the appropriate configuration of cassette denomination accordingly to ATM usage. Anticipate holiday or any recurring event to adapt the amount of immobilized cash in ATM.

Open Data

Anticpate nearby event impacts on the number of withdrawals during the period. Anticipate ATM activity based on external local conditions like weather, demography or other banks' ATMs.

Displaying the Result

We provide best-of-the-art visualizations to quickly draw attention to the key indicators. By presenting data visually we also make possible to uncover surprising patterns and observations that wouldn't be apparent from looking at stats alone.

Get cash optimization suggestion

Daxyno provides a real-time dashboard which presents the metrics needed to analyze and improve your cash availibility.

Daxyno automatically suggests you some customized optimizations for each branches and ATMs. You can directly decide to activate the suggested optimization.

Anticipate nearby event impacts

Thanks to connections with third-parties, Daxyno is able to anticipate impacts on cash level due to specific events or weather conditions to suggest you to schedule additional replenisments.

Synchronize replenishment for all ATMs of a branch

Daxyno synchronizes demand and supply for cash for a specific branch to maximize the availibity of its ATMs.

This capabilities leads to important savings on cash supply costs.

Optimize cassette configuration

Daxyno suggests you the right configuration of cassettes for each ATMs based on its own activity.

This feature reduces drastically the number of replenishments needed by each ATM.