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Optimize costs. Increase efficiency. Make your customers happy.

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What are our products?

Get full visibility and manage your ATM fleet in a proactive way to serve your customers better.

Advanced ATM Monitoring

In the digital era where everything is accessible 24/7, customers expect ATMs to be up and running anytime they need it. With real time monitoring and incident management, Daxyno provides banks with an integrated solution to control efficiently their ATM fleet for delivering an optimum customer experience.

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Cash Management

Managing cash amount each ATM should have can be complex: Not enough cash will generate customer displeasure, while too much cash in the ATM increases risk and becomes heavy with interest charges. Daxyno delivers ingenious solution to optimize cash supply chain and make sustainable savings.

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Software distribution

Depending on frequency, ATM software updates can be a painful and costly task to manage. Especially if an on-site visit is required to update manually each ATM. Conscious of that, Daxyno delivers a solution to remotely automate software distribution, schedule software updates and get content back from ATM.

Fleet management

Managing a multi-vendor ATM fleet with various versions of devices and softwares is time consuming for banks. Fully integrated with other Daxyno's products, the fleet management solution is the easiest way to get a clear and centralised picture of your ATM fleet without on-site visit required.

What are our key benefits?

Daxyno helps Financial Institutions to drive prosperity in the digital era by bringing them:


Outthink the future by unleashing the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and neural networks.

Cloud-Based Services

Expand your business with our cloud built for scalable organizations and easily forecast the operational costs

Business intelligence

Take decisions faster with our simple graphical presentation of your organization’s key performance indicators

Business Agility

Get the ability to rapidly respond to change or new business requirement as updates can be easily deployed

Fast Deployment

Deploy the solution in weeks not months as you don't have to implement a server or other hardware


Prevent threats by detecting any ATM suspicious activity and get notified in real time

What do we do?

At Daxyno, we design, build and run an innovative solution dedicated to banks for managing their ATM fleet with efficiency. Our solution is based on the three following pillars:

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SaaS Oriented to manage ATM

The platform is your dedicated operation center where it is possible to monitor ATM availibility, view incidents with priority and take maintenance actions. The platform also provides a dynamic dashboard updated in real time. Available anywhere and at any time, on any devices.

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Artificial Intelligence to increase your revenue

We use the latest technologies in Machine Learning to identify optimizations in your operational costs (enhancements of the decision making within your organization) and to increase your revenue by keeping your ATM fleet available in any circumstance.

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Open Data to enrich your data

As knowledge is critical to make the best decision to manage cash or to strategically invest, we feed our machine learning model with external open data like weather, demography, nearby events, etc. Thus Daxyno is able to forecast maintenance visit or cash replenishment at the optimum time

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Our headquarters are located in Paris, France and our development center is located in Munchen, Germany. Please feel free to contact us if you want learn about our products and services.